Multibagger Penny Stock Tripled in 3 Months: Board Fixed Record Date for 1:5 Stock Split & 1:1 Bonus Share Issue

Kolab Cloud Platform Limited (BOM: 542866), a small-cap company with a market cap of less than Rs 200 crore, has recently announced a stock split and bonus shares for its investors, for which the company has now issued a record date

The shares of the company will be subdivided from 1 equity share (face value Rs 10 each) to 5 equity shares (face value Rs 2 each). This means that the value of shares for shareholders will remain the same but the number of shares will increase to 5, for example, shareholders who currently own 10 shares of the company will own 50 shares after a stock split.

Apart from this, the company will issue 5,10,00,000 equity bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1. The record date for both the split/sub-division of equity shares and the bonus issue is aligned to Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

Shares of Colab Cloud Platform are continuously hitting the upper circuit and the stock has shown a rise of more than 45% in a month. Even today its shares have an upper circuit of 2%, and the share of the company is trading at its 52-week high of Rs 186.

Kolab Cloud Platform Shares Performance & Return

Shares of Kolab Cloud Platform were listed on BSE in April 2021 and since its listing, it has given wonderful returns. Its Shares have surged more than 750% since listing. If we talk about the recent performance of the stock, it has doubled in just two months. Its stock has increased by 45.28% in a month, 115.45% in two months, and 221.30% in three months. You can check the tables below to know the performance in detail.

PeriodClosingGrowthReturns on ₹10k

Kolab Cloud Platform Shares Surge 175% in 2024 YTD

MonthOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
Total Returns in 2024175.86%

Kolab Cloud Platform’s share price was ₹66.12 in January and today it is trading at ₹182.40 representing a total gain of 175.86% in 2024 YTD.

Kolab Cloud Platform Shares Performance in 2023

MonthOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
Total Returns in 202338.03%

The share price of Kolab Cloud Platform in January 2023 was ₹47.60 and on the last trading day of the year, it closed at ₹65.70 with a gain of 38.03%

Kolab Cloud Platform Shares Performance (Compounded)

In the table below you can check the company’s absolute returns and CAGR growth from listing. You can also check that if someone has invested a lump sum of Rs 10 thousand then what is the value of those Rs 10 thousand worth of shares today…

PeriodGrowthCAGRReturns on ₹10k
  • Kolab Cloud Platform Shares have shown more than 200% growth in the last twelve months.
  • In the past two years, it has increased investors’ money by more than 4 times.
  • For investors who invested Rs 10 thousand in it on listing day, the value of those ₹10 thousand worth of shares has grown to ₹87,500 today.
  • The CAGR growth of the stock since the listing is 109.44%.

Kolab Cloud Platform Shares Performance (Year-wise)

YearOpenCloseGain/ Fall
Share Market investment and Trading
Kolab Cloud Platform is engaged in computer-related job work and trading of shares & securities.

About the company

Incorporated in 1989, Kolab Cloud Platform Limited (BOM: 542866), formerly known as JSG Leasing Limited, deals in computer hardware and software processing job-work and trading of shares and securities.

Market Cap₹ 186 Cr.
Current Price₹ 182
High / Low₹ 182 / 36.0
Intrinsic Value₹ 29.5
Book Value₹ 20.2
Face Value₹ 10.0
ROCE9.52 %
ROE7.13 %
PEG Ratio8.73
EPS₹ 1.73
P/B Value9.03
Dividend Yield0.00 %
Stock P/E106
Industry PE20.2
OPM77.4 %
Quick Ratio2.18
Debt₹ 0.31 Cr.
Debt to equity0.02
Current liabilities₹ 0.55 Cr.
Current assets₹ 1.20 Cr.
NCAVPS₹ 0.94
Return on Assets6.79 %
Reserves₹ 10.4 Cr.
Cash Equivalents₹ 0.13 Cr.
Inventory₹ 0.00 Cr.

Quarter 3 Financial Year 2024 Result

Dec 20220.610.4269%
Sep 20230.180.4867%
Dec 20231.120.8877%

Kolab Cloud Platform reported an 83.61% increase in sales and 109.52% in net profit as compared to the same quarter last year. Quarter of Quarter sales also increased by 522.22% and net profit increased by 83.33%.

Profit & Loss Statement

Mar 20190.300.0837%
Mar 20200.35-0.17-49%
Mar 20210.08-0.09-25%
Mar 20220.260.1462%
Mar 20231.500.8576%

Although the company has shown very good results in the December quarter, fundamentally the company is not strong nor is its financial position strong. Moreover, it is a penny company with a market cap of less than Rs 200 crore, making it a very risky investment. So consider this stock only for learning purposes, not for any advice or recommendation.

Last 10 Years Compounded Sales & Profit Growth

PeriodSales GrowthProfit Growth
10 Years54%
5 Years12%
3 Years62%91%

Shareholding Pattern

Mar 202129.13%70.87%
Mar 202229.13%70.87%
Mar 202333.88%66.12%
Jun 202333.88%66.12%
Sep 202333.88%66.13%
Dec 202333.88%66.13%

However, the promoters of the company have increased their stake by 4.75 percent. But their stake is less which is 33.9% while public holding is 66.13%.

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