90x Growth: This Multibagger Penny Stock Rose 9000% in a Year

The name of this Multibagger Penny stock is Integrated Industries Limited. The company manufactures and exports printed circuit boards. Its shares have seen tremendous growth in a year. The shares have gained 9,089.19% in the last 12 months, 4,827.54% year to date, and 267.21% in the last six months.

Investors who had invested ₹10 thousand in this stock at the beginning of the year, today the value of those shares have increased to ₹4.9 Lakh, whereas the investors who had invested in it a year ago, their value has increased to ₹9.1 Lakh.

There has been continuous growth in this stock for the last four years. While its stock has grown by 9089.19% in a year, it has grown by 11127.54% in the last two years, and 39793.62% in the last three years. For more details, you can check all the performance tables given below.

Multibagger Penny company stock Integrated Industries Limited.

Integrated Industries Year after Year Performance

YearOpen PriceClose PriceGain/ Fall

Integrated Industries is a multibagger stock of 2023 and 2020-2023. The company’s stock has given a return of 4028.46% in 2023 and has transformed its investors’ money 40x in less than a year. If we calculate the total return for 2020-2023, then Integrated Industries stock had increased investors money more than 350 times.

Integrated Industries Share Returns: Compounded & Absolute

PeriodCAGRAbsolute Returns
1 Year9089.19%9089.19%
2 Years958.19%11097.60%
3 Years625.35%38063.27%
4 Years334.43%35519.05%
5 Years194.09%21900.00%
6 Years147.18%22704.88%
7 Years121.49%26053.85%
8 Years91.48%17967.63%
9 Years72.96%13751.85%
10 Years67.36%17135.02%
11 Years48.98%7925.75%
12 Years34.80%3499.62%
  • Its shares surged by 9089.19% in a year.
  • Over the past two years, investors have gained a remarkable return of 11097.60%.
  • Investors who invested four years ago have seen a staggering 355-fold increase.
  • The company’s stock exhibited a CAGR growth of 194.09% over the last five years.
  • It has provided investors with an average annual return of 121.49% over seven years.
  • If you invested ₹10,000 in the company’s stock ten years ago, those shares would be valued at ₹17 lakh today.

₹10 Thousands invested in Integrated Industries Share

If you had invested a lumpsum amount of ₹10 thousand in Integrated Industries shares, what would have been its value today?

PeriodReturn on ₹10k (Lumpsum)
1 Year₹9.1 Lakh
2 Years₹11 Lakh
3 Years₹38 Lakh
4 Years₹35 Lakh
5 Years₹22 Lakh
6 Years₹22 Lakh
7 Years₹26 Lakh
8 Years₹18 Lakh
9 Years₹13 Lakh
10 Years₹17 Lakh
11 Years₹8 Lakh
12 Years₹3.5 Lakh
From Listing₹1.7 Lakh

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only, do not consider it as any kind of investment advice.

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