Small Cap Multibagger Stock: Heavy Buying and Stock is all-time High

The name of this smallcap stock is Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd. This stock has been in the upper circuit for the last several days and even today it is in the upper circuit position. In the past 5 days, heavy buying activity has driven a 23.33% increase in the stock’s value, marking a new 52-week high. Over the last 6 months, the stock has surged by 208%, and in the past year, it has soared by 329%.

The company’s recent quarterly results were impressive. Q2FY24 recorded revenue of ₹51 crore, a 38% year-on-year growth. Operating profit stood at ₹16 crore, with a profit after tax (PAT) of ₹11.80 crore, compared to ₹6 crore in the same quarter last year.

Specializing in the engineering industry, the company primarily sells underground coal mining machinery and related spare parts, such as wheel loaders, drill machines, dump trucks, and haulers. These products contribute over 85% to the company’s revenue.

Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd. has delivered exceptional returns to its investors, with its stock surging by 329.54% in one year. A comprehensive performance summary of the stock is available in the table below.

Small Cap Multibagger Stock - Heavy Buying and Stock is all-time High

Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd Performance Table

If you had invested a lump sum of ₹1 lakh in Eimco Elecon (India), what would it be worth today?

PeriodPriceReturn%Return (Lumpsum)CAGR
1 Year₹419.25329.58%₹4.2 Lakh329.58%
2 Years₹359.55400.90%₹5 Lakh123.81%
3 Years₹338.15432.60%₹5.3 Lakh74.64%
4 Years₹305.00490.49%₹5.9 Lakh55.88%
5 Years₹403.40346.46%₹4.4 Lakh34.88%
6 Years₹527.15241.65%₹3.4 Lakh22.72%
7 Years₹366.10391.94%₹4.9 Lakh25.56%
8 Years₹454.50296.26%₹3.9 Lakh18.78%
9 Years₹312.05477.15%₹5.7 Lakh21.50%
10 Years₹135.001234.07%₹13 Lakh29.57%
11 Years₹214.70738.84%₹8.3 Lakh21.33%
12 Years₹169.00965.68%₹10 Lakh21.80%
13 Years₹295.95508.55%₹6 Lakh14.90%
14 Years₹259.50594.03%₹6.9 Lakh14.84%
15 Years₹164.90992.18%₹10 Lakh17.28%
16 Years₹667.75169.71%₹2.6 Lakh6.40%
17 Years₹349.55415.23%₹5.1 Lakh10.12%
18 Years₹333.40440.19%₹5.4 Lakh9.82%
19 Years₹215.00737.67%₹8.3 Lakh11.84%
20 Years₹75.752277.56%₹23 Lakh17.17%
21 Years₹50.053498.40%₹35 Lakh18.60%
22 Years₹35.005045.71%₹51 Lakh19.62%
23 Years₹45.003902.22%₹40 Lakh17.40%
24 Years₹66.002628.79%₹27 Lakh14.77%
MAX₹85.002018.82%₹21 Lakh13.05%

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only, do not consider it as any kind of investment advice.

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