Stocks Skyrocket up to 30%: These 30 Stocks are Today’s Top Gainers

There was a slowdown in the market today where Nifty closed at 21462.25 with a fall of .51% and BSE Sensex closed at 71186.86 with a fall of .44%.

Today many shares saw a huge fall and many shares saw a huge rise, many shares entered the lower circuit and many closed in the upper circuit.

Below you can learn about the top 30 stocks in which there was a rise in the market today. One of these stocks is Oracle Financial Services Software which has jumped 28.66% in a single day today.

You can see the names of all the stocks in the table below.

Top Gainers Stock Today
Stock NameGainCMP
Oracle Financial Services Software28.66%₹6,545.30
Anjani Finance20.00%₹14.88
Zenlabs Ethica20.00%₹52.02
Indrayani Biotech.19.99%₹74.50
Golkunda Diamonds & Jewellery.19.65%₹272.50
Krishanveer Forge18.02%₹85.55
Sovereign Diamonds17.62%₹28.64
Karnimata Cold Storage15.73%₹11.48
Tarmat Limited15.15%₹105.35
Indo Thai Securities14.60%₹333.50
Career Point14.55%₹261.45
Minaxi Textiles.14.29%₹2.00
Ajmera Realty & Infra India13.48%₹574.65
Deep Diamond India13.43%₹7.94
Jigar Cables12.83%₹64.90
Caprihans India12.68%₹234.60
Yash Pakka12.67%₹323.75
Vaksons Automobiles12.16%₹23.34
Pcbl Limited11.55%₹311.00
Crest Ventures11.53%₹344.00
Sobha Limited11.48%₹1,478.10
Asian Hotels (East)11.34%₹171.35
Croissance Limited11.27%₹7.01
Cenlub Industries11.17%₹528.00
AGI Infra11.11%₹1,086.70
Sdc Techmedia10.84%₹12.07
Prataap Snacks10.73%₹1,371.45
Eih Associated Hotels10.65%₹585.30
Quick Heal Technologies10.14%₹487.10
Eastern Logica Infoway10.00%₹1,314.10
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