10 Best Performing Multibagger Finance Stocks 2023

Thaman Chhetri, FincoPanda.com

Dec  4, 2023

FincoPanda.com has identified the Top 10 Finance Sectors' Stocks that have delivered multi-bagger returns in one year. 

Jhaveri Credits & Capital.

It offers broking services across various exchanges for trading in commodities.

Return: 3711.00% | CMP: ₹270.20

Indergiri Finance Limited

Indergiri Finance specializes in financial services, investments, and share trading.

Return: 1715.88% | CMP: ₹107.50

Softrak Venture Invstmnt.

Softrak Venture Investment focuses on professional, technical, and business services.

Return: 1095.24% | CMP: ₹7.53

Money Masters Leasing

Money Masters Leasing & Finance engages in hire-purchase finance.services.

Return: 841.62% | CMP: ₹81.45

Fundviser Capital Limited

Fundviser Capital is involved in the investment in equity and deposits yielding interest income.

Return: 738.56% | CMP: ₹76.98

Standard Capital Markets

Standard Capital Markets operates in non-banking financial activities.

Return: 590.36% | CMP: ₹60.13

Mena Mani Industries

Mena Mani Industries trades biofuels, engages in construction, and other IT activities.

Return: 528.57% | CMP: ₹9.24

Mpil Corporation Limited

MPIL Corporation provides support services and leasing.

Return: 475.12% | CMP: ₹1,225.00

Sunshine Capital Limited

Sunshine Capital operates in financing, share trading, and investment.

Return: 444.38% | CMP: ₹95.81

Regis Industries Limited

Regis Industries working as NBFC Company and mainly deals in investment in shares & securities.

Return: 418.11% | CMP: ₹93.00

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