Top 10 Stocks Holding by President of India

Thaman Chhetri,

Dec 1, 2023

Life Insurance Corporation

A giant in insurance, safeguarding futures with diverse policies, securing millions nationwide.

Holding:  96.50% Quantity:  6,103,622,781 Value:  ₹409,492.10 Cr.

Indian Railway Fin. Corp.

Fuels rail development, a financial backbone supporting India's extensive railway network.

Holding: 86.40% Quantity: 11,286,437,000 Value: ₹85,099.70 Cr.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Energy powerhouse dominating the oil industry, providing vital resources nationwide.

Holding: 51.50% Quantity: 7,272,199,767 Value: ₹80,903.20 Cr.

Indian Overseas Bank Ltd.

A trusted global banking institution, serving diverse customers with reliability and integrity.

Holding: 96.40% Quantity: 18,218,326,570 Value: ₹72,144.60 Cr.

Power Finance Corporation

Vital in powering infrastructure, providing crucial financial support for the energy sector.

Holding: 56.00% Quantity: 1,847,864,722 Value: ₹67,474.80 Cr.

Bank of Baroda

A well-established bank catering to diverse clients, ensuring financial services with efficiency.

Holding: 64.00% Quantity: 3,308,184,689 Value: ₹66,775.70 Cr.

Punjab National Bank

Prominent in banking services, delivering financial solutions with a wide-reaching impact.

Holding: 73.20% Quantity: 8,054,125,685 Value: ₹64,996.80 Cr.

Union Bank of India

A progressive bank committed to addressing customer needs, fostering financial growth.

Holding: 77.00% Quantity: 5,706,660,850 Value: ₹62,088.50 Cr.

Bharat Electronics Limited

A leader in technology provision, supplying critical defense equipment and advanced solutions.

Holding: 51.10% Quantity: 3,737,921,934 Value: ₹55,115.70 Cr.

Bharat Petroleum Corp.

Major player in the fuel industry, integral to powering India's energy sector.

Holding: 53.00% Quantity: 1,149,183,592 Value: ₹50,334.20 Cr.

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