₹1 Lakh became ₹45 lakh in Just 1 Year! Record date set for 1:10 stock split, and 1:1 bonus share issue

This company operating in the agriculture sector had recently announced a stock split and bonus share issue and has now also fixed the record date, after which the stock is hitting back-to-back upper circuits. This company is Tine Agro Ltd (BSE: 531205), and it’s a small-cap company with a market cap of less than Rs 1000 crore.

This stock is continuously in the upper circuit for the last few days and even today it is open with an upper circuit of 2% and is trading at Rs 370 per share. Its 52-week high is Rs 370 and its 52-week low is Rs 6.70.

Tine Agro Stock Split, and Bonus Issue Record Date

Tine Agro Limited has announced the record date for a 1:10 stock split and 1:1 bonus share issue. The company offered a 1:10 stock split and a 1:1 bonus share issue to shareholders on February 8, 2024. The company has now also announced the record date.

According to a regulatory filing at BSE on February 29, 2024, the company has set a record date of Monday, March 18, 2024. As per the 1:10 stock split, the company will give a split of 10 shares to its shareholders for every 1 share held, i.e. shareholders who are holding 10 shares of the company will now have 100 shares and the face value of the share which is currently Rs 10 will become Rs 1.

Apart from this, the company will also issue 1:1 bonus shares and will give 1 share bonus on each share.

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₹1 Lakh became ₹45 lakh in Just 1 Year

Tine Agro Stock Performance and Returns

Shares of Tine Agro Limited were listed on BSE in Apr 2021 and since its listing, it has delivered marvelous returns. This stock has given a 45% return in a month and the stock doubled in just two months. You can check the tables below to know the performance in detail.

1 Lakh Became 50 Lakh in Just 1 Year

Data for a few months are not available and “Returns on ₹1 Lakh” is used for reference only.

1M₹249.4548%₹1.48 Lakh
2M₹161.80129%₹2.29 Lakh
3M₹109.15239%₹3.39 Lakh
4M₹72.11413%₹5.13 Lakh
5M₹47.64677%₹7.77 Lakh
6M₹25.541349%₹14.49 Lakh
7M₹13.652611%₹27.11 Lakh
12M₹8.044502%₹46.02 Lakh

Tine Agro Stock shares Zoom 239% in three months, and 1349% in six months. The company’s overall performance over the last 12 months is 4502% and for investors who invested ₹1 Lakh in it 10 months ago, its value has grown to ₹46.02 Lakh today.

Tine Agro Share Performance in 2024 YTD

MonthOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
Total Returns in 2024133.22%

Tine Agro Share Increased 15 Times in 2023

MonthOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
Total Returns in 20231411.66%

The share price of Tine Agro Limited in January 2023 was ₹10.29, and on the last trading day of the year, it closed at ₹155.55 with a gain of 1411.66%.

5000 Percent Growth in less than 3 Years

In the table below, you can check the company’s absolute returns and CAGR growth from listing. You can also check that if someone has invested a lump sum of Rs 1 Lakh, then what is the value of those shares today…

PeriodGrowthReturns on ₹1 LakhCAGR
1Y4502%₹46.02 lakh4501.99%
2Y663%₹7.63 lakh176.20%
MAX5003%₹51.03 lakh288.91%
  • If we look at the performance of the last 12 months, it has seen a rise of more than 4502 percent.
  • From listing, it has increased investors’ money by more than 51 times.
  • For investors who had invested Rs 1 Lakh in Tine Agro Limited shares on listing day, the value of those ₹1 Lakh shares has increased to ₹51 Lakh.
  • The CAGR growth of the company’s stock since listing is 288.91%.

Tine Agro Share Performance since Listing (Year-wise)

YearOpenCloseGain/ Fall
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