38000% Growth in 4 Years: This Multibagger Micro-cap EV Company going to raise funds for Business Expansion

The name of this multibagger stock is Mercury EV-Tech which has given great returns to its investors in a short period. Recently, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the company was held. The company announced plans for a focused meeting to look into buying other businesses or raising funds. They want to check if they can buy another company or a part of it, and they might also create and sell new shares or securities to get money. This plan is meant to help the company grow in the future.

Mercury EV-Tech Limited is an Indian company that manufactures electric vehicles which include scooters, cars, buses, and vintage cars. It also develops custom electric vehicles for hospitality, industry, golf courses, clubs and resorts, etc. Soon the company is going to launch its products in the 2-wheeler segment under the brand name Thunderbolt, in the 3-wheeler segment under the brand name Thunderbolt DODO and Thunderbolt Limosa, and in the 4-wheeler segment under the brand name Thunderbolt MUSAK.

The company’s stock was listed on BSE in 2019 and since its listing till now, this stock has earned tremendous returns to its investors. The investors who had invested in it after listing, today their money has increased 380 times. You can see the table given below to know the details of the company’s performance so far.

Multibagger Micro-cap EV Company

Mercury EV-Tech Limited Performance (Compound)

PeriodAbsolute ReturnsReturn on 1 LakhCAGR
1 Year969.96%₹10 Lakh969.96%
2 Years15068.24%₹1.5 Cr.1131.59%
3 Years18860.29%₹1.8 Cr.474.49%
4 Years35713.89%₹3.5 Cr.335.02%
Since Listing37820.59%₹3.7 Cr.308.53%
  • This stock has shown a gain of 969.96% in a year.
  • In the last two years, it has given a return of 15068.24% to its investors.
  • Investors’ money has increased 188 times in the last 3 years.
  • If someone had invested Rs 10,000 in it 4 years ago, then today the value of those shares would have become Rs 35 lakh.
  • Since its listing, the stock has been giving its investors an average annual return of 308.53%.

Mercury EV-Tech Limited Performance (Year After Year)


This is a multibagger stock of 2022-2023. It has returned investors’ money 14 times in 2022 and 10 times in 2023. If we compound the returns of these two years, then this stock has given 150 times growth to its investors in the last two years.

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