6000% up in 3 yrs: FIIs & DIIs increase stake; ₹900 crore funds raise, ₹1000 crore order book

The shares of this company working in the field of EV have seen a good rise in the last several days. According to the morning chart, it has seen an increase of 23 percent in the last 5 days and 50 percent increase within a month. Even today, good growth was seen and the share reached its day’s highest price of ₹1231.35 with a gain of 5 percent. However, by the time the market closed, this gain reduced to 1.21 percent and the stock closed at ₹1162.95.

Successfully Raised ₹900 Crore in Equity Capital through a Preferential Round

In a significant development on February 6, 2024, Gensol Engineering Limited, a leading player in the renewable energy and electric mobility sectors, has successfully raised Rs. ₹900 crore (₹9 billion) in equity capital through a preferential round. This achievement marks a major milestone in the company’s pursuit of extraordinary growth and leadership within the green energy and clean mobility revolution.

The Board of Directors has approved the issue of 1,03,34,059 warrants, each having a face value of Rs. 10/-. These warrants provide the right to subscribe for one equity share per warrant. However, the issuance is subject to pending statutory/regulatory approvals and approval from shareholders.

The equity fundraising initiative saw active participation from reputed international and domestic investors, including foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) such as Elara India Opportunities Fund, Aries Opportunities Fund, and Tano Investment Opportunities Fund. The capital infusion is conditional on shareholders’ approval at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to be held on March 2, 2024, and compliance with SEBI regulations.

FIIs & DIIs Increase Stake

Mar 202170.72%
Mar 202271.17%
Dec 202264.67%1.84%0.42%
Mar 202364.67%1.83%0.66%
Jun 202364.67%1.94%0.66%
Sep 202364.67%2.57%0.75%
Dec 202362.60%2.94%0.84%

FIIs and DIIs have been continuously increasing their stake for the last 5 quarters. FIIs increased their stake by 0.37% and DIIs by 0.09% in the December quarter. Currently FIIs hold 2.94% and DIIs hold 0.84% ​​stake in the company.

Order Book of More Than ₹1000 Crore

In FY23, the company successfully won bids for development of 30 MW floating solar projects worth ₹232.5 crore. Additionally, it received purchase orders from reputed customers for execution of solar power projects with a total capacity of more than 247 MWp and worth ₹501 crore. By the end of FY23, the cumulative order book for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) business reached a substantial amount of ₹1025 crore.

Stock Double in 6 Months

PeriodClosingGrowthReturns on ₹10k

The stock has risen 43.82% within three months, 100.15% in the past six months, and 202.47% in ten months. In the last 12 months, it has increased investors’ money more than 3.6 times, that is, if you had invested ₹ 10,000 in it 12 months ago, the value of those shares would have increased to ₹36,577 today.

150 Percent Growth in 2023

MonthOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
Total Returns in 2023149.49%

Investors who invested in it in 2023 earned quite well returns. The share price of Gensol Engineering Limited in January 2023 was ₹337.97 and on the last trading day of the year, it closed at ₹843.20 with a gain of 149.49%.

More than 6000 Percent Growth in Last 3 Years

In the table below you can check the company’s absolute returns and CAGR growth from listing. You can also check that if someone has invested a lump sum of Rs 10,000 then what is the value of those Rs 10,000 worth of shares today…

PeriodGrowthReturns on ₹10kCAGR
2Y1791%₹1.89 lakh334.85%
3Y6102%₹6.2 lakh295.84%
4Y5502%₹5.6 lakh173.58%
MAX5294%₹5.39 lakh151.85%
  • There has been an increase of 226 percent in a year. If we look at the performance of the last two years, it has seen a rise of 1800 percent.
  • In the past three years, it has increased investors’ money by more than 62 times.
  • For investors who invested Rs 10,000 in it on listing day, the value of those ₹10,000 shares has grown to ₹5.39 lakh.
  • The CAGR growth of the stock since the listing is 151.85 percent.

Stock Performance Since Listing (Year-wise)

YearOpenCloseGain/ Fall
Gensol Engineering Solar EPC, EV Leasing, EV Manufacturing
Gensol Engineering is engaged in the business of solar consultancy and EPC.

About the Company

Gensol Engineering Limited has established itself as a leader in Solar EPC, EV Leasing, and EV Manufacturing, demonstrating its dedication towards innovation and environmental responsibility. The company has set an ambitious target of achieving 5x growth within the next three years.

Market Cap₹ 4,515 Cr.
Current Price₹ 1,192
High / Low₹ 1,225 / 266
Intrinsic Value₹ 380
Book Value₹ 83.7
Face Value₹ 10.0
ROCE12.4 %
ROE21.4 %
PEG Ratio1.90
EPS₹ 14.4
P/B Value14.2
Dividend Yield0.00 %
Stock P/E83.5
Industry PE37.9
OPM26.5 %
Quick Ratio1.81
Debt₹ 871 Cr.
Debt to equity2.99
Current liabilities₹ 292 Cr.
Current assets₹ 540 Cr.
Return on Assets4.65 %
Reserves₹ 279 Cr.
Cash Equivalents₹ 250 Cr.
Inventory₹ 10.0 Cr.
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