275% Growth in a Year: This Multibagger Wagons Company bags contract worth Rs 1617 Cr. from Railways

Jupiter Wagons Limited is a private manufacturer company of India and the company has recently informed that the company has received the contract of 4000 box wagons from the Ministry of Railways, which is worth Rs. 1617 crores. After which some positivity has been seen in the company’s stock.

Jupiter Wagons mainly manufactures Railway Freight Wagons, Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Shipping Containers, Electric Vehicles, and Defense Service Vehicles and the market cap of the company is Rs 14 thousand crores. The company has been consistently showing good sales and profits since 2021. It has shown a compound sales growth of 154% in the last three years and 84% in the last 5 years. If we talk about compound profit growth, it has been 174% in the last 3 years and 40% in the last 5 years.

The promoter has sold 2.25% of its stake in the September quarter and currently holds 70.12%. Whereas FII and DII have increased their holdings in the September quarter. FII holds 2.36% of Jupiter Wagons Limited, DII holds 2.18% and the public holds 25.34%.

Multibagger Wagons Company Jupiter Wagons Limited

This stock has given multibagger returns of 272.13% in one year, 1880.25% in the last 3 years, and 3690.63% in the last 10 years. You can see the details of the company’s performance so far in the table given below.

Jupiter Wagons Limited Performance (Compound)

PeriodAbsolute ReturnsReturns on ₹1 Lakh (Lump sum)CAGR
1 Year272.13%₹3.7 Lakh272.13%
2 Years748.11%₹8.4 Lakh191.22%
3 Years1880.25%₹19 Lakh170.55%
4 Years2109.54%₹22 Lakh116.81%
5 Years1326.11%₹14 Lakh70.15%
6 Years1821.34%₹19 Lakh63.66%
7 Years2292.09%₹23 Lakh57.39%
8 Years1379.52%₹14 Lakh40.04%
9 Years1604.82%₹17 Lakh37.04%
10 Years3690.63%₹37 Lakh43.84%
11 Years251.12%₹3.5 Lakh12.10%
12 Years569.69%₹6.6 Lakh17.17%
13 Years630.90%₹7.3 Lakh16.53%
MAX199.20%₹2.9 Lakh8.68%

Jupiter Wagons Limited Performance (year after year)

YearOpeningClosingGain/ Fall
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