This multibagger micro-cap penny stock under Rs 5 with 1700 percent returns is expanding its drone services, stock in upper circuit

The name of the company is Vivanta Industries Ltd, a micro-cap enterprise, that presently holds a market capitalization of merely Rs 62 crore. A recent disclosure unveiled the company’s intention to venture into Trinity Ganesh Private Limited. After this collaboration, they anticipate a substantial boost in their footprint within North Gujarat’s agricultural domain. This strategic alliance aims to propel the company’s portfolio expansion encompassing commodities, animal feed, and various value-added veterinary products.

Additionally, Trinity Ganesh will be authorized to operate within the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) markets, giving farmers direct access to drone technology sales and services. This is expected to enhance the value chain of the agro-industry of the region, and will also help in empowering farmers with advanced equipment and resources thereby improving their productivity and profitability.

The company (Vivanta Industries, BOM: 541735) is strategically transitioning from its traditional forte in civil construction and engineering to focus on domains like drones, IT, AI, robotics, and EV charging stations. Notably, their recent achievement of a USD 5 million order from EVOCNA for an EV charging and manufacturing unit underscores this transformation. Additionally, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with VDRCTL to establish a drone assembly line and research center in Tanzania signifies their global expansion plans.

After this announcement, a constant upper circuit started in the stock. This stock has given more than 200 percent returns to its investors in just one year and 1400 percent in the last five years. For more details, you can see the tables below in which we have shown the year-on-year, compounded, and other performance since listing till the date.

Vivanta Industries
Vivanta Industries Share

Vivanta Industries Share Year-After-year Performance

YearsOpeningClosingGain/ Fall

Vivanta Industries Share Returns: Absolute & Compounded

PeriodShare PriceAbsolute ReturnsCAGR
1 Year₹1.71207%207.02%
2 Years₹3.1865%28.49%
3 Years₹0.86510%82.76%
4 Years₹0.291710%106.27%
5 Years₹0.351400%71.88%

Returns on investment of ₹1 Lakh (Lump sum)

PeriodReturn on ₹1 Lakh
1 Year₹3.1 Lakh
2 Years₹1.7 Lakh
3 Years₹6.3 Lakh
4 Years₹18 Lakh
5 Years₹15 Lakh
MAX₹2.2 Lakh

Last 5 Years Profit & Loss Statement of Vivanta Industries

Profit & LossMar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023TTM
Operating Profit0.14-0.37-0.11-0.181.992.36
OPM %6.60%-30.56%-14.40%8.04%5.03%
Net Profit0.12-
EPS in Rs0.01-0.0300.030.120.15

Shareholding Pattern of Vivanta Industries

Shareholding PatternJun 2022Sep 2022Dec 2022Mar 2023Jun 2023Sep 2023
No. of Shareholders13,41614,20813,66213,21825,10340,670
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